About me

Looking on the lighter side of ageing

Hello, I’m Caroline, a 50 something baby boomer who gets called aunty wherever I go. It used to irk me until I figured it was infinitely better than being called ah por or granny. The journey so far into my “third age” has been rewarding in many ways, and a royal pain in others. So I’m reaching out to the rest of my baby boomer generation (born between 1945 and 1964) to share similar experiences, advice and anecdotes. Those who are younger might also be interested to pick up some nuggets of advice, all served up with a healthy dose of humour. My attitude nowadays is “Hey, life is short. Make lemonade. Look for the silver lining. Because the alternative is … well, you know.”

I’ve worked in the advertising industry for decades, writing ads, jingles, TV and radio spots, brochures, you name it. I’ve also tried my hand at editing a spa magazine, being a masseuse and co-owned a spa, modeling agency and café. After some hits and misses, I’ve decided that I’m better off sticking to my day job. I’ve told everyone I know to slap me, really hard, if they hear me even mentioning a new business venture. Anyway, my first love is and has always been writing.

I love to eat and read, meeting up with friends, music and travel. I hate the cold, rudeness, exercise, housework and posers. I’d love to hear from you whether you have a comment about my post, have some advice you want to share, want to rant, or just feel like having a say about something.