Friday, September 29, 2017

Gripping chest pain - heart attack or just stress?

It’s been a stress-filled period for me, some of it caused by external factors and probably most of it self-inflicted. I admit I’m pretty anal. I worry about practically everything, from having enough gas in the car to fretting about being late for a meeting. Looking back now on the few episodes when I experienced excruciating chest pain, they were all stress-related. I try to tell myself to take it easy, practise deep breathing and think calming thoughts, but in reality I’m bracing myself for the next episode. The thing is, I still don’t know whether it’ll be another stress attack or an actual heart attack.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Staying in my happy place

I just read an FB posting by my friend, K, who shared that her comfort zone is in the recording booth where she works as a voiceover artist. I can understand how she feels, having been in recording sessions with her. All alone in a soundproof booth where you can communicate with the sound engineer or the outside world through headphones, it’s a nice, safe place for talent like K who do good work in pretty much isolation. Me? I’m also happiest when I’m alone, although, ironically,  I work in the communication business.