Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Simply the best

It’s that time of year again, to reflect on the year gone past and what’s in store the year ahead. To say that 2016 was a bummer for many people is an understatement. For some of my friends, their world turned upside down when they lost loved ones too soon. For millions around the world, the prospect of war, famine, natural disasters and political upheaval looms even larger on the horizon, with no end in sight. On a personal level, many of us seniors are battling with health issues, not to mention financial and family conundrums. And so as I consider my own situation heading into my sixth decade, how do I want my life to shape up?

Monday, December 19, 2016

Help, I’m hooked!

My mother was a very determined and accomplished woman, teaching herself to cook and whipping up gourmet meals. Not only that, she was also an excellent seamstress, making her own dresses with tissue-thin sewing patterns (in the days before youtube). She knitted really complicated sweaters, and made me a beautiful cable-knit pullover when I went away to college that I really regret not keeping. She also mastered the art of lace-tatting (yes, there’s actually such a word) and crocheting. All that yarn and those needles used to bamboozle me and I thought it was only for old ladies. But one day I came across some snazzy crochet designs in really vibrant colours, and went on youtube (thank God for youtube) to learn how to crochet, went out and bought some yarn, and now I’m hopelessly hooked.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Catching zzzs

Bedtime is great. I adore the whole ritual of getting into bed fresh from the shower, and turning on my bedside lamp. The temperature in the room is cool so I can snuggle under the covers, open up my kindle and read for awhile till I nod off. I really love my sleep too, falling into deep slumber and waking with hopefully some pleasant dreams and fresh to greet the new day. As I grow older, however, the notion of sleep becomes more complicated, and it can turn into a real nightmare. Literally.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Visiting an old friend

When an old friend came to visit me for a week or so, we decided to make a trip to Penang, an island on the west coast of Malaysia, for a few days. Its capital, Georgetown, has not only gained UNESCO World Heritage status but also remained at the top of travel and holiday sites for a few years running. A short stay in the heritage area convinced us why it is most deserving of all its accolades.