Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Pleased with Pilates

I’m lying on the mat in the gym, breathing in deeply through my nose and out through my mouth in a whoosh. In my mind, I run through some of the Pilates exercises I’ve learned through the years in classes. At the moment, I don’t go for any of the Pilates classes held at the gym because their scheduled times don’t suit me, but I make sure to include some of the exercises in my gym routine. I look forward to some of them, especially the stretches, after a rigorous cardio workout, but others are downright challenging and can have me sweating and quivering. But one thing’s for sure, Pilates has made my body stronger, more flexible and toned.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Remembering the silly stuff

I usually can’t even remember what I ate yesterday and where I parked my car at the mall. I have to constantly write notes to remind myself what items to pick up at the supermarket and when my scheduled appointments are. While most of my friends are in the same boat when it comes to short term memory loss, they’re absolute encyclopedias about events that happened to us decades ago. Like who scored how many As in our school exam and who dated whom. I wish I could recall some of those things that they insist happened to us all, but the truth is that I simply can’t remember most of it.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Mahjong Mates

Four women sitting around a square table, squinting their eyes in concentration, busily strategizing, occasionally chiding one another, often breaking up in laughter. An important brainstorming session? A business meeting? Hardly, as we’re all in casual clothes. It’s just another mahjong session with my mates, one that we’ve been having for many years.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Forgetful old fool

I kind of vaguely recalled that I had written something about forgetfulness, but couldn't really remember what it was. Thankfully, it was in my archives (you can check it out if you're interested - it's entitled "Forget about it") and I had to re-acquaint myself with the post.

There’s no getting around it. As I head into my sixties, I just have to admit that I’m becoming more than absent-minded. I’m just a forgetful old fool. I misplace things, or worse, keep something important in what I consider a safe place and then totally forget where I put it. I can’t remember what I did a few days ago, and who I did it with. Of course, every time I’m afflicted with a case of forgetfulness, I pause and wonder if it’s the onset of the dreaded Alzheimer’s.

Of course I know it's not, but all I can do is laugh about it with friends who are similarly afflicted with forgetfulness, and just remind ourselves that alas, it's just a part of growing old. In the meantime, enjoy this hilarious video: