Thursday, April 28, 2016

Life hacks and other lessons

Don’t you find it annoying when you buy new dishes or glasses, only to have problems peeling off the stickers at the bottom of them? I try carefully peeling them off, only to have bits still sticking on. I’ve tried scrubbing them to no avail. Very often, I’ve just given up and left them on. Then I discovered this tip!

I chanced upon this video to remove those pesky price stickers from dishes and stuff. I love life hacks like these that pop up all over the internet. When I discover how easy it is to solve a household problem that I’ve often wrestled with, I’m ever so grateful that you can find solutions to just about anything.

I’ve joined a gardening group on Facebook and I find the members in it inordinately generous with their tips and hints. They not only patiently help to identify plants that some newbies buy, but also give tips on the planting process, like the right kind of fertilizers and pesticides to use. There are groups that give out free plants periodically, and members also generously donate seeds and the like.

What I have learned is that people genuinely like to help. Many also like to be considered experts in something and are eager to dispense advice. I’ll find all kinds of people who have shot videos of themselves giving out how-to guides on youtube. Some of them are inane and pointless, but others are really useful. You just have to trawl through what’s out there and find something that helps you.

While I am not expert enough to shoot a video or dispense any kind of life-saving advice, right now I can think of one tip for those of use who face the problem of ageing skin. In our youth, our skin healed faster and was elastic, so that no matter how much you stretched or pressed it, it would spring back instantly.

I just found out that after UV exposure, sleeping is the second cause of wrinkles. Squishing your face into your pillow for approximately 2500 hours a year is like ironing wrinkles into your face. Other than sleeping on you back (which contributes to horizontal lines forming on your neck!), you're supposed to position your head on the pillow so that the lower half of your face doesn't touch it. But if you're tossing and turning, or a side sleeper like me, who knows where you're placing your head in deep sleep.

Now, I find that if I sleep on a pillow that has creases in it, I’ll wake up with indentations all over my cheeks from the creases. Worse yet, they take a long time to fade off or "uncrease". So if I have to meet someone early in the morning, they would know I woke up not too long ago!

I make sure to buy pillowcases that are smooth and have no raised patterns or even a lined hem on them. I try to smooth them out before I fall asleep, and hope that during the night, I don’t happen to rest my cheek on a crease!

Check out this tip to remove price stickers. Who knew, right?

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