Friday, November 6, 2015

Why am I so digitally challenged?

Practically every day there's new software that 's asking to be updated, new apps to install, new internet terms to learn. It's hard enough to keep track of all that's going on online and I always struggle to keep up with all the new technology, but I have a more pressing problem. Being accident-prone, I'm always having to  deal with injuries to my fingers and toes that these digits of mine are constantly in peril!
I happened to catch a posting of talk show host Jimmy Fallon tripping and injuring the fingers on his right hand after he tripped a few months earlier and almost lost a finger on his left hand. I can empathize. I've had a series of accidents myself that always seem to endanger my digits.

Preparing pasta for my son one night some years back, I was happily chopping cherry tomatoes with  my new German chopper. I knew it was super sharp and was being extra careful, but still, I managed to slice off part of the middle finger on my left hand. I just stared at the blood that was spurting out profusely. I quickly grabbed a tea towel and held it to the cut but the blood couldn't be staunched. Even my son, B, who came quickly upon hearing my yelps, was aghast at the amount of blood. I was grateful he was around to rush me to a doctor's clinic. By the time she packed the wound with gauze and stopped the bleeding, I was weak with relief as well as loss of blood and dinner to boot!

I sported a bandage around my middle finger for quite some time, going to the doctor occasionally to dress the wound that just wouldn't heal. Finally, it was determined that I needed micro surgery to restore the little bit of nail bed that I had hacked off. After a couple of hours of surgery that cost more than a substantial diamond ring (thank goodness for insurance), I went around with a huge dressing and splint around the finger. I kept it raised in silent protest at office meetings that irked me! The finger finally healed and is good as new today.

More recently, I slammed the car door shut on my thumb. Too shocked to yell in pain, I just watched it well up in blue and purple hues. Needless to say, the pain persisted for a while and I lost the thumb nail as well.

My toes have not been spared. More specifically, my left, big toe. On my one and only visit to the Great Wall of China, I tripped and stubbed the toe against a step. It didn't hurt all that much, but the nail was damaged and never quite grew back right. There was a discoloration on it that looked like a fungus growing (according to some of the manicurists I went to). I managed to camouflage it with nail polish most of the time.

Most recently, just a few months ago, I caught the same toe nail in the bathroom door of B's apartment in Singapore. I was stumbling around in the middle of the night and was careless, of course. Half of my toenail was yanked out, leaving it kind of dangling. Surprisingly, it wasn't too painful, so I just put a band aid around it and went back to sleep. Eventually I had to have my doctor cut it all out, and it's taken me almost five months to grow back the nail. The blessing in disguise is that the discoloration from the Great Wall stub has disappeared.

Finally after all these mishaps and disfigured nails, I seem to have all my digits in order. And I aim to keep them that way. I do know that as I grow older, my balance is deteriorating, not that it was all that good to begin with. Rather than rushing and tearing around, I have to remind myself to be more deliberate in my actions and take my time. I can't afford to have another disaster with a digit, or worse, a limb or body part!

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