Thursday, October 29, 2015

Making my bed is a bad idea - now science backs me up!

My mother did raise me right. Right up till the time I left home, I would diligently make my bed every morning. I suppose it was meant to signal that I would start the day off well, in a neat and tidy way. But once I was on my own, I happily left my bed as it was, pillows and comforter thrown every which way. Lazy? I suppose, but I didn't really see the point of making my bed only to fall into it again in a matter of hours. Some, upon finding out, have tsk-tsked my tardiness. My son, B, has also taken after me, because I never nagged him about making his bed.
I admit that when I do have house guests over who might happen to come or peek into my bedroom, I will make the bed nicely and restore some semblance of calm and order. But when I'm alone, I think my time is better spent on other chores than something so seemingly pointless.

Now my "lazy" habit is backed up by science. According to some reports, (in the BBC, no less!) not making your bed in the morning may actually keep you healthier. Scientists have discovered that dust mites, those nasty critters thought to cause asthma and other allergies, can't survive in the warm, dry conditions found in an unmade bed. (In case you think I'm kidding, here's the link to the report:

In the average bed, there are as many as 1.5 million dust mites crawling around and feasting off the skin cells you shed while you sleep. Ugh. In the morning, if you make your bed immediately, all of the skin cells, sweat, mites and their droppings will be trapped underneath, providing a nice, warm feast for those nasty mites. However, if your bed is left unmade, the mites, dead skin, sweat and whatnot will be exposed to fresh air and light. The mites will just dehydrate and eventually die.

So there. What is important is to keep your bed dust-free and clean. Despite my reluctance to make my bed, I do make sure to wash my sheets and pillowcases every week, and let plenty of fresh air and sunshine into the room.

Another thing I don't quite get is people arranging a whole lot of throw cushions, in different shapes and sizes, on their beds. I mean, sure, it looks nice, but you have to offload the whole bunch of them when you get into bed at night. I'm all for prettifying the bedroom but I think what goes on the bed should be used, not just for show. Now I need another scientific study to back me up on that!

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